During the Fall 2023 semester, students explored the landscape of the digital humanities, considering a range of ways to approach DH work and conceive of and propose potential DH projects. In the spring, we will put that thinking into action by refining and producing digital humanities projects. This praxis-oriented course will ask students to organize into teams or work solo and, by the end of the semester, produce a project prototype. Upon completion of the course, students will have gained hands-on experience in the conceptualizing, planning, production, and dissemination of a digital humanities project. Student work for this course will demonstrate a variety of technical, project management, and rhetorical skills. One of our goals is to produce well-conceived, long-term projects that have the potential to extend beyond the Spring 2024 semester. A range of advisors may be matched to support the needs of each individual project. Successful completion of the course will require a commitment to meeting mutually agreed-upon deadlines and benchmarks established at the outset of the semester.

The class will hold a public event at the end of the semester where students will launch their projects and receive feedback from the DH academic community.

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